Ailurus Opens Toolkit Access of PandaPure,
A Revolutionary Protein Purification Technology

London, May 7th – Ailurus, a pioneer in synthetic membraneless organelles, has developed revolutionary technology for protein expression and purification with synthetic organelles termed PandaPure®, and is proud to announce the launch of PandaPure® Toolkit Plans.

The PandaPure Toolkit provides researchers with the tools they need to benefit from PandaPure technology:
1. Significant reduction in the cost and complexity of protein purification;
2. Easier expression of a wide range of proteins that were difficult for traditional bacterial hosts.

The new PandaPure Toolkit includes the latest version of a two-plasmid system, encoding the genetic elements to express GFP, purify it by synthetic organelles, and recover it through signal tag self-cleavage. Researchers can replace GFP into their protein of interest via various cloning methods such as Gibson assembly.

Bespoke packages are available to provide plasmids and reagents for high-throughput screening and batch-scale production. Researchers can also purchase individual plasmids and reagents separately to customize their own kits. All products are available for direct orders on Ailurus website Order Now. For commercial applications, startup and industrial users can obtain additional rights upon requests.

"PandaPure is revolutionizing protein production and purification, making it easier and more cost-effective for researchers and biotech companies," said Dr. Haotian Guo, the CEO of Ailurus. "With the launch of the PandaPure Toolkit, we hope to provide researchers with the tools they need to accelerate their research and drive innovation in the life sciences. In addition to our current PandaPure® Construct Service, the PandaPure® Toolkit will provide more flexibility for researchers to integrate PandaPure technology into their current workflows, such as high-throughput screening and information-sensitive projects."

To learn more about PandaPure technology and its toolkit offer, please visit the PandaPure Website

About Ailurus

Ailurus is building the architecture and programming language to engineer biology as we program a classical computer. The company's platform enables customers from individual bio-developers, academic users in life science research to hospital doctors, environment engineers, chemists, and more people who want to apply biology in their sectors.

Ailurus at SynBioBeta 2024

This year, Ailurus is participating in SynBioBeta as a sponsor again. On May 7th, Ailurus' CEO Dr. Haotian Guo will kick off a discussion on how we can harness the power of biology for smarter design and even artificial intelligence, entitled Biocomputers: Transforming Our Work with Smarter Biology, in the Main Stage.

SynBioBeta attendees can also visit Ailurus at Booth #407 in the Main Exhibit Hall, where they can discover more details about the groundbreaking advances in synthetic cells and its application in protein expression and purification, Ailurus' latest product PandaPure. PandaPure offers next-level experiences of protein research, by eliminating the need for traditional chromatography, buffer exchange and protease treatments, and improving expression of many difficult proteins, which has a great potential to revolutionise the manufacturing of biologics, biocatalysts, and facilitating fundamental research, drug discovery and development, and AI-native data-intensive studies.