Cell-program assay to streamline protein expression and purification.
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PandaPure® offers you next-level experiences of protein research, by eliminating the need for traditional chromatography, buffer exchange and protease treatments, and improving expression of many difficult proteins.
Now, you can obtain tag-free proteins with the fewest operations, reagents and the least effort.
Easier. Faster. Simpler.

Cells, not human, doing most of the works

Instead of human doing all the work, cells are programmed to purify proteins by themselves.
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PandaPure makes more proteins expressible in E. coli.

More proteins and more types of proteins can be expressed under PandaPure system
Recover up to 70% yield
of expressed target proteins.
Get >95%-purity
native proteins < 1 day.
96 in Parallel.

Suitable for multi-well plates and automation

PandaPure is suitable with either manual high-throughput production, or automatic workstations.
Scaling. Up and down.

From μL,
To liters.

PandaPure system can be scaled down to small volumes, and potentially up to very large volume of fermentation.
scope of applications
PandaPure makes proteins more accessible at higher yields than traditional E. coli.1

Synthetic organelles in PandaPure provide a distinct environment for protein folding and maturation, and also protect hosts from potential toxicity of expressed proteins, leading not only a broadened scope of applicable proteins in E. coli, but also higher production yield in general.

See case studies of PandaPured proteins, and join us to explore the new limit:

Superfolder GFP
PandaPure successfully produces GFP at high yield and purity.
Proinsulin, human insulin precursor
PandaPure successfully produces proinsulin at high yield and purity.
DpnI, restriction enzyme
PandaPure successfully produces DpnI at high yield and purity.

Getting started.

PandaPure requires engineered DNAs to program your bacterial hosts, and reagents to operate the downstream processing workflow. Here we offer Predefined Kits, separate plasmids and reagents, and additional Construct Service. Place an order >>

PandaPure®️ Toolkit
Predefined ToolKits
for common applications

from lab-scale production
to high-throughput screening
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PandaPure®️ Original Plasmids
Genetic elements that make cells purify proteins

Plasmids for synthetic organelles,
expression vectors, controls,
in various options.
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PandaPure®️ Protein Reagent
All reactions in one reagent,
including tag removal and protein recovery.
from $64.49
PandaPure®️ Lysis Reagent
Easy-to-use, gentle lysis
for bacteria hosts.
from $135.00
Construct Service
Build your strains for PandaPure effortlessly.

Get ready-to-use DNA at a competitive price from US$0.1/bp2
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PandaPure®️ License
MTA & Commercial Licenes

For startup and industrial users to exploit PandaPure for commercial purposes.
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Take a closer look.

Cells are isolating your proteins.

Now, protein purification is
Easier than ever.

PandaPure is designed to minimize the complexity of protein purification, extracting pure proteins with only one step of pipetting and centrifugation. The hands-on workload becomes negligible. Now, anyone who had basic molecular biology training can apply protein purification in their research.

Save up to $300 per 1mg protein3
Up to 10x cheaper

PandaPure offers higher yield, higher purity, tag removal, high throughput enabling and more, only at the cost of simplistic his-tag affinity purification.

Sciences behind PandaPure
Synthetic sorting

PandaPure® Protein Constructs encode proteins of interest (POI), and also synthetic organelles with cognate receptors. Thus, synthetic organelles can selectively sort, purify, and store proteins of interest.

Protein recovery
In a single reaction under mild conditions

PandaPure® Protein Reagent induces self-cleavage of signal tags, thus enables the extraction of tag-free proteins in a single reaction.

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2. About PandaPure: preprints in preparation, coming soon.
  1. "Traditional E. coli" refers to commonly-used, commercially-available bacteria strains such as BL21(DE3), and expression vectors such as pET-28a(+). For some proteins, other strain engineering methods to modify genome and plasmid sequences may lead to optimization in protein expression.
  2. Gene synthesis prices are considered "competitive" based on publicly listed pricing from DNA and gene synthesis suppliers as of Dec 15, 2023. Turnaround times may vary due to complexity of the order, and shipments.
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