Ailurus is a biocomputer company that establishes architecture and language to program biology. Our mission is to make biology a general-purpose technology that is easy to use as computers.

Our vision

Programming Biology, the technology of everything

Information, matter and energy compose the universe we live in. Imagine if you knew the grammar to transform them all at once, what would you do? Such power is already written in our DNA, literally... Biology is probably the only thing with such versatility and efficacy to reform reality.

Therefore, Ailurus' mission is to ensure this general purpose "technology" - by which we mean an approach to creating (almost) any conceivable system with living things - can be mastered by human beings, and benefits our planet.

Our approach

Biocomputers, built with synthetic biology and AI

To fulfill our mission, we need a unified approach to program biology, whose architecture can be equivalent to a general-purpose computer. We believe it's best to have such a superpower computer built with biological material itself, which means, it should be a "biocomputer".

To start with, we design special-purpose biocomputing systems as microcontrollers of cells. Then these cells can act as a microscale laboratory that operates R&D and production tasks with high efficiency. Together with AI to streamline the process, we aim to accelerate the speed of R&D in biology as fast as the IT industry today. We believe that in this way, the enormous amounts of knowledge we generate for our users and ourselves, will eventually lead us to general biocomputing.

Our work


We research artificial cells, biocomputing, and AI technologies. Together, we study how to automate biological research to lay a foundation for the general-purpose biocomputers.


Breaking kingdoms: making synthetic organelles in bacteria with RNAs

It has been taught for decades, "bacteria have no organelle". With synthetic biology, we manage to break this orthodox by constructing synthetic organelles in E. coli, reminiscent of eukaryotic ones.

Haotian Guo et al Cell 2022

Products and services

Our platform offers our latest technologies to accelerate biology research and biomanufacturing.


Ailurus vec®

A library of 0.1 trillion (now 1.2T) vectors
June 2021


Autonomous protein purification by cells
Dec, 2021

Ailurus Hub®

E-commerce store for sharing our resources
March, 2022

Ailurus Protein Service

End-to-end service for protein engineering
Dec, 2022

Careers at Ailurus

Building a creator-level machine requires next-level players for innovations, people from multiple disciplines and backgrounds, prodigies who made unconventional life choices, et cetera. At Ailurus, you would work with the best scientists on the most fundamental research and the most advanced technology that are "indistinguishable from magic".
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