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Press Release - May 7, 2024
Ailurus launches Startup Plan for PandaPure, revolutionizing protein production and purification to accelerate bioeconomy

Ailurus opens licenses for startups to explore commercial uses of PandaPure. Read more

Press Release - May 7, 2024
Ailurus opens toolkit access of PandaPure, a revolutionary protein purification technology

Ailurus launches PandaPureĀ® Toolkit Plans, to provide researchers with the tools they need to accelerate their protein. Read more

Article - May 22, 2023
Planning for biology as a GPT

How can we master biology as a general-purpose technology? Here is my plan. Read more

Press release - Sep 29, 2022
Breaking kingdom: making synthetic organelles in bacteria with RNAs.

Ailurus announce the study of first synthetic membraneless organelle TEARS is published in the journal Cell. Read more